Spreading The Gospel

A Prayer from A.W.Tozer

Our Father, we pray,…. we would repent before thee this morning Lord, rather than just pray. We would repent before thee oh Lord, for our materialistic minds: thinking in terms of this world, judging, weighing, measuring, valuing as men do. Father, this is wrong: forgive us. And Father, our preoccupation with earthly things also, we would repent this morning. As a people we would repent for our absorption in the things that pass away. Oh Lord forgive us, cleanse us, that our garments may be white this morning, pure, shining. We may receive as unworthy, but believing people. Break the bread of life this morning. Oh bread of life, break it; wine of the soul, spill it: heat us till we want no more. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen.”


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