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Joy Among the GYPSIES Update by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-centur...

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-century encaustic icon from Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai. NB – slightly cut down – for full size see here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kerry Mauldin

It is 615 AM and heavy dew with village coming to life with birds and
> dogs and “choir from Japan‘, announcing it is Sunday morning–instead
> of call to prayer muslim noise…
> Last night in villages late, very tired, but so fruitful!!!!  PTL!!
> Went early to Srinivas Village and 60-70 at church had no water.
> Melody had set money aside from cleaning houses and some of her
> clients she cleans for had given money and we gave for bore well in
> the village.  We sat under a big tree and share bracelets of the
> Gospel….One 75 year old white haired man “Moses” had a stroke 3
> years ago and came to Christ.  He had begun a new home for his house 5
> years ago, but construction set…  His wife has come to Christ, and
> today 2 daughter n laws came.  But 2 sons are hard and not coming yet.
>  We go to house construction and thatch shed next to it where family
> lives and they have 2 shrines where 2 daughter in laws pray and give
> offerings every morning to snakes and gods.  Today, daughter n laws
> poured annointing oil on shrines and all prayed over house and
> land…Pray 2 sons come to Christ.
> Moses, with shaky staggering steps, but so thrilled to serve the Lord.
>  “I have such peace and joy, he stutteringly exclaimed…”
> Kondonigudem we were 9 years ago in this village to dedicate prayer
> shed in 2004.  They remember clearly!!!  WE sat in house of “Jacob 75
> and Laxsmamma 73??
> They gave land for prayer shed after we visited their house 10 years
> ago.  They had simple home and huge snake mound temple in front of
> house.  They accepted Christ and tore down snake shrine.  18 were
> ready for baptism and we gave in stream!!!  But one demon spoke out of
> a woman and shouted, “I am going to crush you all”.  They were afraid,
> but next year we dedicated the prayer shed and now 20 of 40 families
> in the village are Christian.
> We now sit in Prayer Shed and it still has dirt floor where 35 or so
> worship on Sundays.  We taught on tithing and after they realized how
> pitiful it was they have not done right to improve house of God!!
> These are simple people who are literal subsistence living of day to
> day to have something to eat…they serve the Lord, but not learned
> lessons of tithing.  We gave 6500rs for half walls and stone floor.
> We committ to match it after they show their 6500 is put to work.  “We
> can not put money in hand of thieves”, and you could see they
> understood.  This challenge starts with the pastor who in this
> village, has not taught, nor lived in Gods plan for finances.
> We gave and taught for the peoples sake, not for this pastors.  He is
> good hearted but lacks wisdom at times!!
> Draveth Village is Banjara tribe–GYPSIES.  About 50 or more sat on
> plastic tarp next to small, short thatch shed where they worship for 2
> years.  In back ground, a family shouted and yelled in family fight…
>  We share Christ and taught on giving as they want new church.  Many
> prayed, accepted Christ and begin slowly after prayer, to pledge
> toward the church.  Some pastor from somewhere, who was there nearby,
> (I did not know him), began to tell us to just give and these people
> are to poor to give.  They needed 30,000rupees and God prompted our
> heart to give 20,000 if they raised 10,000.  This stretched us all,
> but when they reached their goal of 10000, they were all excited and
> joy and we all march over to new land and take picture.  So many are
> young teen boys and they were truly impacted!!
> I had to tell that persistent man 3 times to not speak as he was
> almost ruining everything and the lesson God was teaching!!!!
> Last village was Japtiveerrappaligudem.  We dedicate prayer shed we
> gave money for 1 year ago.  They struggled to have land they were
> permitted to build on.  But tonight, simple but strong prayer shed
> with almost 125 people, we sang and prayed and honored God!!  Bright
> lights, balloons, streamers in a field next to village.  As laound
> worship and drums began in the dark, only few people were there.  But
> they began to come and filled that shed with dirt floor and no walls.
> We shared salvation, many prayed and by end of night, that crowd
> dedicated 15,000 rupees with so many 7-10 year old children standing
> committing to buy 1-5 bricks for the walls at 10 rupees per brick.  As
> they stood in simple faith, standing straight with arms crossed, “I am
> Sandia, and will give 10 rupees for a brick,”  Adults began to stand
> and give!
> We added 5000 rupees and they got all needed for walls and floor!!
> PTL!!  All were excited!!
> The excitement comes when, THEY GIVE and can see the goals met!  If we
> just gave it, they would not be nearly as blessed!
> Truthfully, I was tired and had to stir the zeal to teach at the last village…
> Now, early morning it is easier to look back on yesterday with joy!!
> A night of rest on the cot works wonders!!
> Love and appreciate you all so much!!
> Kerry, Melody and Jeff


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