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“Forgotten Victims”… Dedicated to ALL Victims (women and men)

I dedicate this poem to all those victims out there who are still afraid or ashamed to speak out about the abuses that they have suffered, whether as a child or an adult.. This includes women as well as men. Even though statistics show that more women are victims, there are still many abusive women out there. All abuse needs to be exposed. Not only for our own healing, but to break the cycle for our future generations…

“Forgotten Victims”…
hidden so well.
Victims of their past…
but will not tell.
Touched as children,
or scared with violence?
They chose to hide…
and keep their silence.

“Forgotten Victims”…
who have chosen to hide.
Push back their feelings,
and bottle them inside.
Victims of abuses,
too scared to protest.
Many were ashamed,
or victims of rape or incest.

“Forgotten Victims”…
hidden so well.
Some memories of abuse…
but very deep they dwell.
Women and men may be victims,
hiding feelings of shame.
But they are all still victims,
and should not be blamed.

“Forgotten Victims”…
who have chosen to hide.
Keep their silence,
because society takes sides.
Many of these victims
fear they won’t be believed.
But they are still innocent victims,
so society, don’t be deceived.

“Forgotten Victims”…
hidden so well.
Victims of abuse…
but hide in a shell.
Some chose to keep silent,
because they are “MEN”.
But don’t forget,
abusers can be women.

“Forgotten Victims”…
who have chosen to hide,
are still wounded victims,
so caring we should provide.
Expose the hidden abuse!
It’s time to reveal.
Release those bottled feelings,
so deep down you can heal.

Lord, we ask for deliverance, healing and restoration for all victims of all the abuses of this world. We ask You to move expediently and show Yourself in a Miraculous way… in Jesus’ name. Amen.

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

http://www.secretangelministry.org and http://www.secretangelps911.wordpress.com


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