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Pillow Talk: Healing

Arise Woman

This post was shared during the course of last year but I saw the need to share it again, since broken hearts never get old. It’s a constant thing and if you were able to get through, Bless God for that but then the reality remains that there is still someone out there with a broken heart. This might just be for you. This post is from The Abuse Exposed With Secret Angel  and is rather amazing. I hope it encourages your heart.  a


Broken?? Redemption is available…

The story of Ruth,
is my focus today.
Widowed and broken,
she had to choose her way.

“Return to her family,
with ungodly advice?
Or follow righteous Naomi,
to start a new life.

“Her decision was made,
with Naomi she would go,
Declaring to her,
“wherever you go, I will go.

“Your people, will be my people.”
was her decisive declaration.

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