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An Act of Kindness Saved My Life

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An Act of Kindness Saved My Life

by Tamerie Shriver


The unselfish act of a stranger literally saved me from being raped, and maybe even killed.

Three years ago last September as I was doing my usual Saturday morning fitness walk, minding my own business, I was sexually assaulted.  My attacker ran up behind me, slammed me to the pavement face first, flipped me over and as he did he hooked his finger into the waistband of my skirt and ripped my clothing off.

Unfortunately, my panties went too, so I was naked from the waist down.  I fought and fought, to no avail.  Just as he was getting ready to punch me in the face to knock me out, I heard a voice yelling at him to stop, to get off of me.  Although he did not get off and run away, that distraction was enough to stopped him…

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