Spreading The Gospel




Secret Kingdom

Hidden safely in the heart

A glowing refuge, a walk  a place of trust

Intimate knowledge of the great things of God

Much wisdom held in humble hands,

A man or woman the same

As children of Heaven, they walk in divine peace

A Shepherd stands before them,

Always walks at their side.

Though many are called

Few listen, less hear

Only a remnant follow and are chosen;

The children of God, peculiar to this world

Strangers, misunderstood by most

Treated much like He was.

Persecuted by some

Hated by others,

They walk in a different Light

Bow before a different King

Reject “self” and the world designed about it and for it,

Layers of darkness pretend as light

Wrapped about in colorful layers of deceit that celebrate the natural

Stubborn and rebellious human nature in love only with itself.

Though a “Majestic Mountain” rises before us

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