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Book Review – Guest Author – Payton McGrew

Child author

Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Artist

Book Review by: Payton McGrew Age: 12
Wonder By: R. J. Palacio
The Julian Chapter By: R. J. Palacio
     Auggie Pullman just wants to be normal; that’s all any middle school age kid wants. But for Auggie it’s not too easy. He can’t just blend into the background like any other ordinary person would. That’s because Auggie isn’t normal; he has a fascial defect that sets him apart from everyone else. Everyone, literally everyone notices him; the jocks, the populars, and even the ordinaries. Everyone criticizes Auggie, especially Julian. Julian and his parents definitely go the extra mile to make Auggie’s life horrible. Julian even started a game at school sorta like the stinky cheese game in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Julian calls Auggie “the freak” and leaves mean notes in his locker. But all isn’t as it seems until you read the Julian…

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