Spreading The Gospel

Abusive or non-abusive? What are your character traits?

This is a simple question for each of us. These are some abusive and non-abusive characteristics or character traits. Which do you see in yourself? Which ones do family and friends see in you? There may be a problem if what you see in yourself and what others see is different. 


A= Angry/ Abrasive/ Antagonistic/ Attackful/ Astraying
B= Bad/ Belittling/ Badgering/ Blaming/ Boastful/ Bigotry/ Bully
U= Unkind/ Unhappy/ UN-Godly/ Using/ Unrelenting/ Unrealistic/ Unsatisfied/ Unreliable/ Unfaithful
S= Scolding/ Slanderous/ Sarcastic/ Selfish/ Scaring/ Stinging/ Slick/ Shifty
I= Injustice/ Inconsiderate/ Inequality/ Indecent/ Infidelity/ Intolerant/ Injurious/ Insulting/ Immoral/ Irritable
V= Violent/ Vindictive/ Villain/ Violating/ Venomous/ Vengeful
E= Egotistical/ Exploitation/ Evil/ Explosive/ Endangering/ Erratic/ Exalting of self

N= Nice/ Normal/ Nourishing/ Non-boastful/ Non-oppositional
O= Open/ Overlooking/ Obliging/ Obedient
N= Non-fault finding/ Never negative/ Non-demanding/ Non-oppressive
A= Affirming/ Adoring/ Accepting/ Admiring/ Appreciative/ Assisting/ Appropriate/ Authentic/ Accountable
B= Believing/ Benevolence/ Blessing/ Beneficial/ Blameless behavior
U= Understanding/ Uplifting/ Unselfish/ Ultra-caring/ Urging/ Unimpeachable/ Upright
S= Sincere/ Sensitive/ Sacrificial/ Spiritual/ Sympathetic/ Supportive/ Sinless/ Saintly
I= Impartial/ Integrity/ Infallible/ Innocence/ Ideal/ Insightful/ Impeccable
V= Virtuous/ Vested
E= Esteeming/ Encouraging/ Ethical/ Empathic/ Exalting of others/ Easygoing

Lord, help us to see ourselves as You see us. Reveal our traits that need correcting and purify our hearts so that we can be pure vessels to serve You. Give us the discernment to recognize the traits that are deceitfully hidden.  Help us to treat others the way that You want us to treat them with the grace and mercy that You treat us in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

http://www.secretangelministry.org and http://www.secretangelps911.wordpress.com


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