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Abuse Victims… Like Pearls Of The Sea

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel


This is for the many who have suffered from the many abuses that man inflicts upon us. This world tries to break us… but God can remake us. He uses all that we have been through as a testament to His Amazing Grace as we hold onto Him and allow Him to transform us… like “pearls of the sea.”

Abuse victims…
like pearls of the sea.
Covered in darkness…
till Light exposes its beauty.
For many of us have lived…
in “shells” where we hide…
protecting our inner self…
and praying where we abide.
For abuses are painful…
with even words bringing shame.
And we seek solitude within…
while crying out God’s Name.
For many have been trapped…
like oysters in a shell…
but “pearl” transformations occur…
while in God’s Presence we dwell.

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