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Let It Go

A message to someone who is hurting from the wounds of abuse and adultery…

Sometimes we have to just let it go…

and take a stand.

“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13


Lingering Whispers Of Hope (7-13-2015)

Lingering Whispers Of Hope (7-13-2015).

via Lingering Whispers Of Hope (7-13-2015).

Abuser Magnet or Victim Mentality?

Have any of you ever felt like an abuser magnet or someone who just draws abusive men or women to you? Have you ever felt like you had “sucker” written across your forehead?  You see, these abusive men and women are manipulating, deceiving, and controlling. They know what characteristics to watch for in people to identify those who can be their next victim. I picture them like a spider weaving a huge spider web. They are predatory and bait unsuspecting victims into their traps.

These predators know where to look for their next unsuspecting victim depending on what they want whether at bars, internet dating, singles groups, etc. They also know what to look for… Some look for the women who appear to have low self-esteem and /or lack of self-confidence.  Each time any of us are mistreated or abused, it causes more wounds and causes our self-esteem and self-confidence to take another downward plunge. Our damaged self-image is obvious to these abusive people who prey on others. They identify those who they can sweet-talk and sugar-coat their words to draw them into their traps.  It is a vicious cycle that keeps continuing until we overcome our victim mentality and become victorious.  Some of the traits that they look for is “sweet”, “kind”, “innocent”, and “naive”. Now you may ask how I know this… Well because these are the words that my ex used to describe me and his next wife when he told me that she was just like me.  He had found his next victim…

I encourage all who have been victims to heal before allowing anther person into your life. When we are wounded, we look through distorted eyes. But when we are whole and self-confident, we look with clear vision.  You may be surprised how different the view is when your vision is clear…

And I can also tell you that God heals and God restores. He has plans for each of our lives that are for good, not for harm… to give us a future and a hope. God does not want any of us abused or misused. Seek Him and allow Him to guide your path into your future.

Dear Lord, I pray for healing and restoration of all victims of abuse. I pray that all captives will be set free from the strongholds that keep them in bondage, whether victims or those who abuse. Turn hearts to You, Lord and let them see Your Light shine and guide them out of the darkness… in Jesus’ Name. Amen

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

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So Many Painful Memories

I want to share this song with you that I heard today.  As this “mashup” played, it symbolized my mixed emotions of the day. I want to remind all of you that no matter what you are going through, God is there to help you. Just reach for Him. He is the Key to overcoming!

So Many Painful Memories.

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bullying Bullying is defined as unwanted, assertive or aggressive behavior among children, teens, and even adults that involves a power imbalance, whether real or perceived. It includes spreading rumors, making threats, excluding someone from a group on purpose, as well as attacking someone, whether physically or verbally.

There are several types of bullying:

1. Verbal Bullying—includes teasing, taunting, name calling, inappropriate sexual comments, and threatening comments

2. Social Bullying—includes telling others not to be friends with someone, leaving someone out of activities on purpose, spreading rumors about someone, gossiping, embarrassing someone in public

3. Physical Bullying—includes hitting, kicking, spitting, pinching, tripping, pushing, taking and/or breaking things, and making mean or rude hand gestures

4. Cyber Bullying,—which we have already discussed–includes any harassing, tormenting, embarrassing, or threatening comments or lies/ gossip made by text messaging, Facebook, websites, voice-messaging, emails or any form of internet social media.

Kids learn from the actions of others, especially adults.  They watch how others manage stress and conflict as well as how they treat their friends, colleagues, and families. Many feel that verbal bullying is “nothing”.. however, words are very damaging to people and can affect their self-esteem and their decision-making in life.  Also, more people get away with verbal bullying because of the lack of proof that it was done. No physical contact may be made but the damaging effects are still there despite the lack of physical contact. Also, many parents do not consider their children “bullies” because they treat their children the same intimidating, harassing ways. They may also treat their spouses the same abusive way. This is how the cycle of abuse starts and continues…These abusive people are blind to the fact that they “bully” their own children and own families.  Education and exposure are keys to combating bullying and any abuse.

Dear Lord, You know that many are bullied today with verbal and physical aggression towards them. You  know that many who witness are afraid to speak out and stand up against these bullies, whether in the schools or workplaces. Lord, I ask You to give strength to the victims and witnesses to stand up against bullying. Please bring total healing and restoration to all victims, and please deliver these bullies from their abusive ways so no one will be victimized again… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

http://www.secretangelministry.org and http://www.secretangelps911.wordpress.com




ABUSE AWARENESS– Drug Abuse/Substance Abuse

drug abuse

Many people feel that drug abuse only includes illegal drug usage. However, drug abuse is also called substance abuse which also includes the abuse of over-the-counter medications and prescription medications, as well as substances not even meant for human consumption. Many of these things cause alterations in personality and potential for violence.

drug abuse2

According to Wikipedia, “Substance abuse or drug abuse, is a pattern of using a substance or drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods neither approved nor advised by medical professionals. If an activity is performed using the objects against the rules and regulations of the substance (as in steroids for performance enhancement in sports), it is also called substance abuse. Therefore, mood-altering and psychoactive substances are not the only types of drugs abused. Using illicit drugs such as narcotics, stimulants, depressants or sedatives, hallucinogens, cannabis, even glues and paints, are also considered to be classified as drug/substance abuse.”

So you see, there are many drugs or substances that are used for purposes other than their intended usage. Whether or not these substances contribute to a dependency on these substances, it is still considered substance abuse. Many of the substances that are not used according to its intended purpose include glues, paints, even air fresheners. Whatever the drug or substance, it is an irresponsible use of the substance that makes it a substance abuse.
Use of these substances and other illegal drugs like narcotics may lead to criminal charges. They may also have possible physical, mental, and psychological harmful effects due to the non-tested usage of some of these substances.
Now, what amazes me is that so many people including teenagers will sniff, snort, smoke, or ingest substances that are not even made for human consumption. Every time they do this, they are taking a chance or gambling on their lives. How many young people have brain damage from just wanting “to have a little fun.” The possible detrimental effects are definitely not worth the few minutes of the “thrill” or whatever they feel that they get out of it…

Dear Lord, I pray that every person who is in bondage to some sort of drug or substance will be delivered physically, spiritually, and emotionally so that they can be made whole again. Please Lord, bring healing and restoration to all and turn their hearts to You for only You are the Key to overcoming all of these problems… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

http://www.secretangelministry.org and http://www.secretangelps911.wordpress.com

“A Call for Prayer!”

As I pray everyday for all the abused, all the sick, and all the wounded around the world, I had felt that I was to put out a “Call for Prayer!” I ask all of you to stand with me in prayer for people around the world as we fight this battle against the abuses of the world.

LORD, we come to You today,
and in Your Mighty Name we pray.
We pray for Your Holy Spirit to pour out,
with Miraculous signs without a doubt.
We pray for all victims abused,
and all who Satan has misused.
We pray for all who are depressed,
and all who are oppressed.
We pray for all who are sick,
and against Satan’s evil tricks.
We pray for all the poor,
and that You will restore.
We pray for all hearts to receive…
and multitudes to believe.
We pray for healing across the land,
and deliverance from wounds of man.
We pray for all in bondage and shame,
and break the chains in Jesus’ Name.
We pray for the wounded across the land,
and for a world-wide Move of Your Mighty Hand.
Lord, we pray for revival!!
We need You for our survival!!
Help us all we pray!!!
Rescue Your children today!!
In Jesus’/ Yahshua’s Name we pray…

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

http://www.secretangelministry.org and http://www.secretangelps911.wordpress.com

The Answer to Our Brokenness…

God sees all of our wounds, all of our brokenness, and all of our obstacles. He has seen the destructive attempts against us and patiently waits for us to turn to Him. He knows all and has a plan for salvation for all of us. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to save us and show us the way to overcome all the obstacles that this life can bring us. We live in a broken world with many abuses inflicting so many wounds on us. But HE is the Key to overcoming. I am not saying that it is easy, but as we hold onto God, He will show us the path to take to overcome our broken lives and reach levels of faith that can only be achieved by an intimate walk with our Lord and Savior.

Lord, I pray for Your Fire to fall down across this land, bringing revival around the world as hearts are changed, chains are broken, and bondage loosed… Heal us Lord!! Deliver us Lord!! Teach us to hold onto You Lord…

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ABUSE AWARENESS– Cyber-stalking and Cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking

Cyber-stalking is defined as the use of electronic means to stalk or repeatedly harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization.

Cyber-bullying is defined as actions that use electronic means to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm another with the use of internet service and mobile technologies such as web pages and discussion groups as well as messaging with the intention of harming or discrediting another person.

Cyber-bullying vs. cyber-stalking– Sounds basically the same to me but I will clarify:

First, “cyber-stalking is a form of cyber-bullying.”
“The practice of cyber-bullying is not limited to children. The same behavior, identified as cyber-bullying, when involving adults refers to that abuse as cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment. These tactics used by cyber-stalkers are performed in public forums, social media or online information sites and are intended to threaten a victim’s earnings, employment, reputation, or safety. Behaviors may include encouraging others to harass the victim and trying to affect a victim’s online participation. It may include the making of false accusations or statements of fact, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information that may be used to harass.”

“Cyber-bullying is summarized as being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material using a cell phone or the internet. It involves repeated behavior with intent to harm. It is perpetrated through harassment, cyber-stalking, or sending or posting cruel rumors and falsehoods to damage a reputation.”
“Cyber-bullying can be as simple as continuing to send e-mails or messages harassing someone, posting derogatory comments, or it may also include public actions such as repeated threats, sexual remarks, hate speech, or defamatory false accusations, ganging up and ridiculing a victim, and posting false statements as fact aimed a discrediting or humiliating a targeted person. It’s intentions also include to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate the recipient.”
“A cyber-bully or cyber-stalker may be a person whom the target knows or an online stranger who is anonymous and may solicit involvement of other people online who do not even know the target.”

Legally, “cyber-bullying has been defined by The National Crime Prevention Council: “When the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.”

As bloggers, we are all followed on-line by people that we don’t personally know. However, we should all treat each other with respect. We may not agree with what a blogger says, but then we really don’t need to even go to that blog if we don’t like it. We do not need to harass anyone. We do not need to tear anyone down. We do not need to call anyone names. Discussion is fine. Insults are not. Cyber-bullying has been defined as “when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person”. We should all treat every blogger with the same respect that we would like to receive.

Dear Lord, I ask You to protect Your children from stalking, bullying, and any forms of harassment. Reveal all the evil that is done in darkness or in obscurity and bring it to the Light. Expose all hidden threats and bring peace and comfort to it’s victims. Reveal the truths that are hidden with deception and being conviction to the perpetrators. Turn hearts to You and help us all to treat each other with kindness and respect… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Reference: Thanks Wikipedia!!



ABUSE AWARENESS– Spiritual Abuse

spiritual abuseToday we will continue our series of the various abuses, but today’s topic is probably one that even fewer people want to talk about… Spiritual Abuse. This abuse includes such a wide range of abuses and is so hidden that many people do not pick up on it. Yes, there have been terrible incidences that have made headlines, but the vast majority occur everyday.
Now, again, for simplicity, I will mostly use Wikipedia, which gives basic information, to help me explain this… I am not here to point fingers or accuse anyone or any specific “religion.” We all need to be aware that this occurs under a spirit of control and manipulation. Here goes…

Spiritual Abuse or “Religious abuse refers to any abuse that occurs under the disguise of religion. It can include psychological trauma, harassment or humiliation and also includes misuse of religion for selfish or secular reasons such as abuse of a clerical position to perpetrate abuse.”

Spiritual abuse includes:
“Psychological or emotional abuse with the plan to dominate and control the victim.
Physical abuse includes physical injury and deprivation.
Sexual abuse includes any action or words that demean and humiliate victims of a sexual nature.
Submission to spiritual authority without any right to disagree or make their own spiritual decisions.
False accusation or repeated criticism by labeling a person as disobedient or enemy of church.
Actions preventing or interfering with a person’s practice of faith including isolation like cults.
Dismissal of outsider’s criticism on the basis that the opinions and criticism of the critic is invalid.
Withholding information and giving information only to a selected few with hidden agendas.
Conformity to an unproven, or unnatural, and often dangerous cult-religious view or practice.
Practice of spiritualism, mysticism, and/or unproven doctrines and theology.
Hostility that includes shunning, relational aggression, parental alienation or persecution.
Exaltation of the primary leader(s) to a God-like status in and over the group.
Financial exploitation with required financial support to the group often including a personal financial lifestyle of the leadership that far exceeds the median lifestyle of the group.”

As you can see, there are many things that fall under the topic of spiritual abuse. Many cases involving the sexual exploitation of children are still coming out into the open. Many things are still hidden…

I pray that everything done in darkness will be revealed and brought to the Light. We all have to answer for what we do in this world and God knows every person’s heart and their own intentions. The Bible even talks about this level of accountability in James 3:1..

“Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.” James 3:1 NLT

Spiritual abuse is real and has hurt many people in the name of “church.” We all need to be aware that this spirit of control and manipulation is active, both in and out of the church. Beware of the “fruits” that those in any position of authority produce…

I write this blog to be educational and inspirational, trying to help other victims of abuse to know that they are not alone and that they are not crazy like I and many others have been made to feel. I do not represent a church. I do not represent a religion. What I represent is a personal relationship… and I share my own personal relationship with my Rescuer with those who follow. I encourage all to seek the Lord and develop a personal relationship with Him. He has a plan for each of us and will never lead us astray. He will never abuse us and will always guide us down the right path for our lives as we trust Him.

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